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Welcome to The Good Retreat Guide Online. Here you will find dozens of places to find peace and spiritual renewal all over Europe and beyond. Interesting, wonderful, different, and exciting places to relax, explore your inner awareness, and practice your spiritual beliefs. You can also read about going on a retreat, about different kinds of spiritual practices, how to meditate, and much more.

We hope you find something to take with you from this website. May you be blessed in your journey of the spirit.

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Healing the Heart Retreat in Italy

20-27 September 2014
Puglia, Italy

A retreat for couples and individuals who wish to master the art of conscious relationships, marking the 10 year anniversary of Living from The Heart retreats. During this week  you will practise finding stillness of mind and body. Stillness helps you listen to your body's wisdom by becoming present instead of ruminating about the past or projecting yourself into the future. Verbal, non verbal and physical exercises designed to open the heart and increase intimacy, compassion and understanding. The morning session includes Kundalini Yoga, breath work and Chi Kung. The afternoon sessions will be a mixture of meditation and various group exercises centred on healing the heart. There will be time for relaxation and rest, walking, and using the swimming pool.

+44 7855 781210

The Spiritual Exercises Network

Making the Spiritual Exercises with the Secular Self

18-22 August 2014, Hinsley Hall, Leeds

A conference intended for those giving the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Key Speaker is Damian Howard SJ. The Spiritual Exercises Network offers those involved in the ministry of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises the opportunity to share and explore together. Membership is free. 

+44 1444 453287

Ayurveda en Provence - Cures de Printemps

Yoga at Ayurveda Course Provence France

10-17 May 2014

Pourquoi pas passer des vacances originales ? 2 cures d’été par Phillippe Hansroul et son équipe. Une semaine de repos et de soins autour de la piscine dans un Mas Provençale.

Cure été I  à Mouries du 05 au 11 juillet 2014
Cure été II à Mouries du 13 au 19 septembre 2014

La Mas du Coussoul à Mouries: La semaine est un « Purva Karma » qui est une cure d’équilibration de sa constitution. L’été est la période ou l’ayurveda conseille d’équilibrer l’énergie du feu (Pitta). Diététique végétarienne selon les principes des cures ayurvédiques, massages, massage à 4 mains, kansu (massage au bol des pieds), shirodhara, yoga quotidien, pranayama, méditation, balades dans la nature, etc. Soins spéciaux des yeux, des sinus et de la bouche. Elle est idéale pour les personnes en perte de vitalité, pour démarrer une correction alimentaire, pour les personnes victimes de stress, de fatigue ou de changement dans la vie. Elle intéressera les personnes en convalescence. Elle est en fait conseillée préventivement à tout le monde. Lors de  ces 2 activités, nous proposons un enseignement des fondements des principes de l’ayurveda et aussi l’utilisation de la médecine ayurvédique comme médecine préventive de la santé.

Two Ayurveda health and healing courses by Phillipe Hansroul and his team in wonderful Provence in France. These sessions, held at different delightful venues, some with pools, put you in a balance of energy using Ayurvedic principles of diet (vegetarian), massages of various kinds, daily yoga, meditation, nature walks and more. There is special care attention to the eyes, the sinus and the mouth. It is ideal for anyone who has lost vitality, may need dietary corrections, are victims of stress or have fatigue associated with big changes in lifestyle. For more information on the programmes available, see their website in English.