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Here is a wide selection of retreats from around the world. Whether you go to a yoga retreat, a monastic one, or just go for a few days of relaxation and reflection, it is all good for mind, body and spirit. Your spirit loves the peace and the rest.  I have opened a new website just for you It is all about spirituality and art. I have written a series of meditations for Lent..see my blog for why these can be used by anyone whether Christian or not. And then…I am putting chapters as I write them from my new novel The Cloud of Goodness. Please come visit and talk with me at

Thank you and many blessings to all of you,

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Isbourne College gets Quality Award

Isbourne College

The Isbourne College has announced that the College has been granted a Quality Endorsement License (QEL) by Open College Network West Midlands, their awarding body. This license is a highly valued ‘quality mark’ of trust and a guarantee that the courses with this mark offer a guaranteed standard of teaching and learning. The Isbourne College is one of the first in the country to have been granted the license, and their first QEL course is Introduction to Past Life Regression: Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future, which starts on 24th May.

Isbourne College, Wolseley Terrace, Oriel Road, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH      Speak to Kathryn Buxton or Julia Ingram


+44 1242 254322

A Guide to Mystical France

For all those millions who love France for more than just sunny days and great food , Mystical France is the complete guide to help the spiritual in you the next time you visit this wonderful country.The author, Nick Inman, has lived in France for years and raised his children there and he knows France. His guide to the secrets, mysteries and sacred sites of mystical France tells us all we need to know in order to enjoy, participate, and understand this rich spiritual heritage. Mystical France is well researched with fascinating stories of places and people. Topics covered range from the value of legends in our lives to Templar sites and the Chateaux of the Alchemists to churches and faiths in France today. Inman takes the time to explain French spiritual history and beliefs in an easy- to- read way. Author of best-selling guide books to France and Spain, he gives us in this new book the added plus of a guided tour of some of the best and most interesting places to visit from soaring cathedrals like Chartes to pilgrim routes such as St. Jacques de Compostela. This is the best and most concise guide to spiritual and mystical France that you are ever likely to need. Highly recommended.  Stafford Whiteaker, The Good Retreat Guide 


Mindfulness together retreat

SanghaSeva offer “Meditation in Action” retreats in India, Europe and Israel-Palestine. Their retreats and events bring support to social, humanitarian and ecological projects, while also exploring a deeper and more supportive way of living a human life fully. In this kind of retreat the meeting of the world out there with the world within us is made possible. SanghaSeva’s retreats in India are: Anandwan Leprosy community, a vibrant and inspiring community, comprising cured leprosy patients and people with any “disability” that has led them to be cast out from their families and societies.The work retreat offers time for living and working in the community alongside the residents, developing friendships and learning new skills. Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living is dedicated to bringing together sustainable development, ecological building, and spiritual growth. Through the work retreat you will be participating in the creation of food gardens, permaculture landscaping, and earth building.SanghaSeva are inspired by non-violence, deep-ecology and buddhism. 
They hope to be offering a continuation of the deepening of meditation, contemplation or spirit by bringing it into life through the way we live.




Yasodhara Yoga at Radha Caudet

After celebrating its 50th Anniversary last year Yasodhara Ashram has 'officially' named the unique yogic teachings offered by Yasodhara-trained teachers in venues all over the world   Yasodhara Yoga, developed by Swami Radha, is offered at Radha Caudet. See the article in the July issue of The Yoga Magazine entitled Finding Yasodhara Yoga.