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Clone of The Psalms - A Commentary for Prayer & Reflection

The author,Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB, a monk who worked in the Middle East for many years, is the Professor of Bibical Studies at Liverpool Hope University and the distinguished editor of the New Jerusalem Bible. In this book, he takes us through each of the ancient psalms of the Old Testament, giving an insight into their spiritual meaning and historical and religious background. In this way we are helped to reflect more deeply on the meaning of each psalm. This helps enormously in bible study and in the contemplation of God’s word. For any person who is using the psalms either in a homily or in personal prayer, this book will prove an authorative but friendly companion. Scholarly but easy to read. Check out some samples of the text on the publishers website: 

Henry Wansbrough
The Bible Reading Fellowship, Abingdon, UK, 2014
ISBN 13: 
208 pages