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The Spirituality of Richard Gere

We all read about the exploits of celebrities in terms of their public life and professional work but we rarely know much about them as private people. Backbeat Books has come up with a brilliant idea to publish a series of easy-to-read, small format books on  ther personal spirituality of some of these celebraities - who for better or worse do shape our lives in one way or another. They are publishing three of these books about the spirituality of Carlos Santana, Bono and Richard Gere. We read the one on Richard Gere and found it informative and helpful. The editor, Nicholas Nigro, takes us through the beliefs and practices of Gere with insight and shows us how this celebrity balances a fast-paced professional life with a private life through Buddhist principles and practices. One clear message of such a book is that if the busy world famous can find time for spiritual seeking and practices, then we have no excuse in not making time for our own spiritual practices and values.

Nicholas Nigro
Backbeat Books, Milwaukee, USA, 2014
ISBN 13: 
84 pages