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Helpful Addresses

Over the years the team at The Good Retreat Guide Online have collected the addresses and contact details of a number of organisations that you may find useful.

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Faith and Light

Faith and Light offers the opportunity to learn with those who are often seen as needing care without anything to give. People with learning disabilities have important gifts to offer, which are to be encouraged and developed. In these times of efficiency, competence and productivity, people with learning disabilities are still all too often marginalized. It is our experience in Faith and Light that our friends with so-called learning disabilities have profound lessons to teach us. They may have 'special needs' but they also have 'special gifts' – not least love and compassion. There are numerous local groups across the Wales and the south of England.

Mrs Elizabeth Neame
8 Button Street
BA11 3DR
United Kingdom
+44 1373 453069

Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer

The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer (FCP) is a loose-knit association of individuals and small groups who follow the way of prayer taught by the founder, Robert Coulson. The founder was an Anglican priest (died 1995) who commended a simple yet profound method of prayer based on the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God. The method was followed, first by a small number of clergy, then by others in increasing numbers who recognised the value of learning the discipline of listening to the Word of God which is 'spirit and life' (John 6.63).

202 Ralph Road
West Midlands
B90 3LE
United Kingdom
+44 121 745 6522

Fellowship of Solitaries

A Christian Solitary is someone called by God to share on friendly terms in the life of God, in solitude, the simplicity of “no-need” and silence. If such a person can live in a hermitage, physically and visibly set apart, that is something with which everyone can come to terms. But what if such a call comes to someone living an ordinary life on an urban street, with clear obligations to other people that cannot in all Christian charity be renounced? The call to solitary life does come to people so placed, and it is such people that the Fellowship of Solitaries hopes to help and encourage, because such official provision as exists, available only to Roman Catholics and requiring celibacy, is not likely to commend itself to those with a simple desire to seek God.

Mr John Mullins
4/5 Akeld Cottages
NE71 6TA
United Kingdom

Focolare Movement

International Roman Catholic lay movement with many members and growing all the time. It runs a publishing house as well. Publications include New City and Word of Life (free). Founded by Chiara Lubich. Gives annual retreat in Britain where the Focolare spirituality can be encountered. It is about unity and love.

Centre for Unity
69 Parkway
Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom
+44 207 632 620