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Ayurveda en Provence

Programme de septembre à décembre 2015

Cure de six au 18 2015 (il reste 6 places)

Cure de six jours 10 au 16 octobre 2015(il reste 8 places)

Cure de 10 jours du 31 octobre au 10 novembre 2015

Mini Cure du 12 au 15 décembre 2015

Cure de six jours du 12 au 18 décembre 2015


Les  cures sont des  « Purva Karma » qui sont des cures d’équilibration de sa constitution que nous proposons en six ou dix jours.

Des cures selon les règles du Pancha Karma.

En automne on régule particulièrement VATA (agitation, stress, sécheresse, douleurs …) Si nécessaire on équilibre aussi les excès l’énergie Pitta (acidité, troubles digestifs, toxines,…) et Kapha (prise de poids, dépression).

Au programme personnalisé : Diététique végétarienne et dépurative, massages, bains de vapeur, shirodhara, traitement des yeux (cure de septembre), yoga, méditation, balades dans la nature, etc .

Cette cure  est en fait conseillée préventivement à tout le monde. Pour les personnes en perte de vitalité, pour démarrer une correction alimentaire, pour les personnes victimes de stress ou de changement dans la vie.


La mini cure de décembre est un moment pour se reposer en vivant  les principes de l’ayurveda.

Au programme : Cuisine indienne végétarienne, massages, bains de vapeur, yoga, relaxation, repos, méditation et balade dans la nature.

Elle s’adresse aux personnes qui veulent découvrir l’ayurveda et aussi aux personnes très actives qui sentent qu’il faut faire un break.

C’est aussi un excellent moyen pour découvrir l’ayurveda


IMPORTANT : Toutes nos cures sont personnalisées



This month at Fairfield House

Fairfield House are offering two special weekends this month: 

Summer Solstice Revitalising Spa Retreat

From 19th to 21st June bring a partner, friend or family member to enjoy a whole weekend of being pampered. For only £195 pp you can both enjoy

  • Luxurious rooms 
  • Delicious detoxing vegetarian food
  • A guided walk in the beautiful Quantocks, by the sea or on Exmoor
  • ​Use of the infra red sauna and an outdoor hot tub
  • A treatment
  • Yoga or exercise class
  • A mindfulness session

If you can’t make it to this weekend, consider their Osho Vipassana and Mindfulness Three Day Silent Retreat


Mindfulness together retreat

SanghaSeva offer “Meditation in Action” retreats in India, Europe and Israel-Palestine. Their retreats and events bring support to social, humanitarian and ecological projects, while also exploring a deeper and more supportive way of living a human life fully. In this kind of retreat the meeting of the world out there with the world within us is made possible. SanghaSeva’s retreats in India are: Anandwan Leprosy community, a vibrant and inspiring community, comprising cured leprosy patients and people with any “disability” that has led them to be cast out from their families and societies.The work retreat offers time for living and working in the community alongside the residents, developing friendships and learning new skills. Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living is dedicated to bringing together sustainable development, ecological building, and spiritual growth. Through the work retreat you will be participating in the creation of food gardens, permaculture landscaping, and earth building.SanghaSeva are inspired by non-violence, deep-ecology and buddhism. 
They hope to be offering a continuation of the deepening of meditation, contemplation or spirit by bringing it into life through the way we live.




Yasodhara Yoga at Radha Caudet

After celebrating its 50th Anniversary last year Yasodhara Ashram has 'officially' named the unique yogic teachings offered by Yasodhara-trained teachers in venues all over the world   Yasodhara Yoga, developed by Swami Radha, is offered at Radha Caudet. See the article in the July issue of The Yoga Magazine entitled Finding Yasodhara Yoga.                                


The Call of Ancient Prayer Practices

How often people need some kind of guide when they take up a more prayerful life and want to take their longing for their relationship with God to a new level. This book, Creating a Life with God, is a good guide to use, introducing you to 12 prayer practices, covering solitude, silence, mind and imagination, your body and your creativity, and how to connect in your prayer life to nature and your surrounding community. Your travelling companions in this book range from the famous Julian of Norwich to Saint Ignatius.  We feel this is a most helpful book, clearly written, full of concise but good information about the different ways to pray, and a guide for both the beginner and the more experienced person.

Creating a Life with God
ISBN 9870857462442
Bible Reading Fellowship, Abingdon, UK 
2003/20014  Paper UK £7.99

Try Something New!

Spirit & Destiny magazine says: Why not take yourself on a vision quest? This is a native American tradition where you go off somewhere secluded in the countryside, and send time fasting and meditating. It gives you a chance to revive your spiritual energies and can be an opportunity to get insight into your life purpose. You can get some great ideas for secluded stays from The Good Retreat Guide.


Get fit, have fun and raise vital funds for the Restart!
Event: Run To The Beat  When: 14th September 2014   Where: Wembley, London
Restart Africa has been lucky enough to secure 10 guaranteed charity places at this years Run To The Beat 10k in Wembley Park, London. We'd love you to run for us and it couldn't be simpler, (apart from having to run 10k).
Run To The Beat is a unique running experience  due to the fact that along the entire course you will be motivated along by world class DJs playing live sets. And it doesn't end there because at the finish is a huge live music event with household names playing for your entertainment.If you'd like one of our places for this amazing running/music event, or you simply want more info then please email and pledge to raise a minimum of £300 sponsorship to help the kids at the Restart. Check out the images below from previous Run To The Beat events or click on the link to go direct to the event website.

Lineage of Light Healing Retreats

Lineage of Light Healing Retreats are about a spiritual healing journey into the Heart of Your Life — Opening the channels from the Sacred Wisdom of the Body to the Mind and new channels of communication from your Soul. They are lead by Jody Mountain, Student of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i and provides a combination of Kahuna Sciences, Lomi Lomi Nui (Kahuna Bodywork), Ancient Wisdom and Cellular Healing. The following retreats are on offer for this year:Canary Islands Healing Retreat including Lomi Lomi Nui & Kahuna Sciences, May 25-30, 2014; Ireland Retreats • 2014 including Lomi Lomi Nui & Kahuna Sciences June 6-11 and June 16-21, 2014( prerequisite needed); Toronto Healing Retreat including Lomi Lomi Nui & Kahuna Sciences July 18 - 23, 2014

The National Widowers’ Organization

Every person's grief process is unique, but studies have shown that men suffer many feelings which would appear special to their gender.

With insight and compassion, The National Widowers' Organization was founded by a group of widowers who found solutions in their grief through a men’s support group. The satisfaction from this process led to the creation of a site and a national advocacy for programs that support men in bereavement. They are not organized outside of America yet but hopefully in the future this will happen. Meanwhile if you are a bereaved man, then go to this website for information and explanations that will help you now and toward hope in your future.

Sam Feldman, founder of the National Widowers' Organization was recently interviewed by Dr. Zoë A. Lewis, MD on Hope Through Knowledge, Talk Radio for Caregivers. Dr. Lewis explored the background behind Sam Feldman's efforts to help widowers and discussed ways to help them and their families. You can listen to the interview here on the NWO website

+1 800 309 3658