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Ayurveda en Provence - Cures de Printemps

Yoga at Ayurveda Course Provence France

10-17 May 2014

Pourquoi pas passer des vacances originales ? 2 cures d’été par Phillippe Hansroul et son équipe. Une semaine de repos et de soins autour de la piscine dans un Mas Provençale.

Cure été I  à Mouries du 05 au 11 juillet 2014
Cure été II à Mouries du 13 au 19 septembre 2014

La Mas du Coussoul à Mouries: La semaine est un « Purva Karma » qui est une cure d’équilibration de sa constitution. L’été est la période ou l’ayurveda conseille d’équilibrer l’énergie du feu (Pitta). Diététique végétarienne selon les principes des cures ayurvédiques, massages, massage à 4 mains, kansu (massage au bol des pieds), shirodhara, yoga quotidien, pranayama, méditation, balades dans la nature, etc. Soins spéciaux des yeux, des sinus et de la bouche. Elle est idéale pour les personnes en perte de vitalité, pour démarrer une correction alimentaire, pour les personnes victimes de stress, de fatigue ou de changement dans la vie. Elle intéressera les personnes en convalescence. Elle est en fait conseillée préventivement à tout le monde. Lors de  ces 2 activités, nous proposons un enseignement des fondements des principes de l’ayurveda et aussi l’utilisation de la médecine ayurvédique comme médecine préventive de la santé.

Two Ayurveda health and healing courses by Phillipe Hansroul and his team in wonderful Provence in France. These sessions, held at different delightful venues, some with pools, put you in a balance of energy using Ayurvedic principles of diet (vegetarian), massages of various kinds, daily yoga, meditation, nature walks and more. There is special care attention to the eyes, the sinus and the mouth. It is ideal for anyone who has lost vitality, may need dietary corrections, are victims of stress or have fatigue associated with big changes in lifestyle. For more information on the programmes available, see their website in English.


Get fit, have fun and raise vital funds for the Restart!
Event: Run To The Beat  When: 14th September 2014   Where: Wembley, London
Restart Africa has been lucky enough to secure 10 guaranteed charity places at this years Run To The Beat 10k in Wembley Park, London. We'd love you to run for us and it couldn't be simpler, (apart from having to run 10k).
Run To The Beat is a unique running experience  due to the fact that along the entire course you will be motivated along by world class DJs playing live sets. And it doesn't end there because at the finish is a huge live music event with household names playing for your entertainment.If you'd like one of our places for this amazing running/music event, or you simply want more info then please email and pledge to raise a minimum of £300 sponsorship to help the kids at the Restart. Check out the images below from previous Run To The Beat events or click on the link to go direct to the event website.

Lineage of Light Healing Retreats

Lineage of Light Healing Retreats are about a spiritual healing journey into the Heart of Your Life — Opening the channels from the Sacred Wisdom of the Body to the Mind and new channels of communication from your Soul. They are lead by Jody Mountain, Student of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i and provides a combination of Kahuna Sciences, Lomi Lomi Nui (Kahuna Bodywork), Ancient Wisdom and Cellular Healing. The following retreats are on offer for this year:Canary Islands Healing Retreat including Lomi Lomi Nui & Kahuna Sciences, May 25-30, 2014; Ireland Retreats • 2014 including Lomi Lomi Nui & Kahuna Sciences June 6-11 and June 16-21, 2014( prerequisite needed); Toronto Healing Retreat including Lomi Lomi Nui & Kahuna Sciences July 18 - 23, 2014


Re-treat Yourself Weekend

Tofte Manor

April 11  - April 13

Tofte Manor, Souldrop, United Kingdom

The theme of this weekend is you! A different way of becoming are of your deeper self on a retreat that is about having fun, relaxing, and getting in some exercise - all in a lovely English countryside setting. Yoga with Marcia Sharp, eating great food, doing Pilates, playing tennis, reading, swimming, walking, or whatever takes your fancy. Relax is key. By night, it is about fun with flirtology workshops, led by social anthropologist and internationally renowned Flirting Expert, Jean Smith.

What is Flirtology? The science of flirting is used to help people achieve better outcomes in a minefield of romantically-based social interactions. Focusing on the signs of attraction, flirting skills and self-image, Flirtology is used to help people establish new and effective flirting behaviours. It's fun and it works!

+44 20 7118 0858

Can you help to save The Coach House?

We have wanted to secure the future of our work by trying to raise funds in recent years in order to either renovate the Steadings or erect a new smaller building on the ground adjacent. Unfortunately due to the financial climate, even though we employed a part time fundraiser, we have not been able to raise the money needed. The lease for the Coach House itself terminates in April 2015 and we now know that it will not be renewed, with the House being put on the market for sale.

We feel and know that the Coach House is a very special place. This has been affirmed so often in the letters many of our friends have written and in the outpouring of thanks at our 20th Celebration last year. There is no doubt of the importance of the Coach House. We know it has a purpose that is much needed today and are looking for ways to ensure that it is given the security and opportunity needed to continue.

The way forward…

The Trustees have looked at possible options and are now focused on trying to raise the funds to buy the Coach House so we can continue our work here. With the possible sale of The Steadings and money already accrued, the shortfall we need to raise is a minimum of GBP 165,000.00

Can we count on you to help us? We love the Coach House and we know that many of you do too. If you are able to make a donation, at the moment, the best way is by cheque payable to The Coach House Kilmuir Trust.

It may be that, unable to give a personal donation, you might be able to find opportunities within your own area through friends or people ‘in high places’ to raise something towards the figure needed. It is not insurmountable and together we can save the Coach House. If there are people within Trusts or, just in your area, who might be interested and who you do not feel you can approach on your own, then we will be pleased to do so on hearing from you.

We cannot do this on our own and very much hope that we can enlist your help and support to find ways to ensure the future of our work in this setting that we love so much.

Other possibilities for raising the money needed could be…

  • The Coach House bought for us by a’ philanthropist’ who wishes to see the work we do continue.
  • To be bought by someone who would then long lease it to us for minimal rent.
  • We have sufficient funds to share ownership either with one person or a consortium.

These options could enable us to keep the Steadings for future development.

If you have other options do let us know !

How to Start a Widowers’ Group: A Manual for Men

The National Widowers’ Organization is proud to announce the launch of its first ebook title, “How to Start a Widowers’ Group: A Manual for Men”. This ebook will be available for download on Amazon. During the initial launch, the book will be $2.99. After our launch, the book will still be available on Amazon, but the price may increase.How to Start a Widowers' Group: A Manual for Men Book Cover

Men grieve differently and may need different methods of support in a group setting. This manual outlines the basics of starting a widowers’ group. The book also includes a thorough list of other widowers’ resources and the answers to many frequently asked questions.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Don’t re-invent the wheel
  • Think mutual help from the get-go
  • You do not have to start a group by yourself.
  • Overcoming the Catch-22
  • Who Should “Lead”
  • Find a Suitable Meeting Place and Time
  • Publicize Your Meetings
  • Moving Forward
  • Final Thoughts
  • Bereavement Resources in Print and on the Web
  • Frequently Asked Questions about How Men Grieve

In addition, here are the frequently asked questions widowers might have that are addressed as a bonus in the back of the book.

  • What should I expect to go through in my grief?
  • Why am I angry?
  • Is there really such a thing as “closure”?
  • How do I know the difference between grief and depression?
  • Is participation in a men’s support group necessary?
  • How can I find a men’s support group in my area?
  • After my wife died, my friends and neighbors have been bringing meals to my house. I know this will soon stop and I am dreading the day. What do I do then?
  • How do I deal with household matters I was never involved with before?
  • What can I do about coming home to find an empty house? I’m interested in finding new companionship. Is that ok? How can I communicate this desire to my children?
  • I have no desire to meet someone new. I feel like there’s no one who could replace my late wife. Is there something wrong with me?
  • How can I find a men’s support group in my area?

We hope you find this manual helpful and encourage you to download it and pass it along to anyone you think might benefit from the book.

Garden Lounge Opens at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

Woodbrooke Garden Lounge

A new bright, modern and eco-friendly lounge over looking Birmingham's largest organically managed garden is opened at Woodbrooke.

A new space for relaxation… You've had a busy and productive day on your conference and you'd do anything to relax before your next session. You can now do just that at Woodbrooke in our new Garden Lounge.

Seating around 40 people inside and a similar number on a new terrace, and overlooking 10 acres of gardens, woodland and lake, our Garden Lounge is a much needed new social space for all visitors to Woodbrooke during day time breaks, evenings and even as an informal break out space.

With comfortable, award-winning designer furniture and a log burning stove to bring warmth during winter evenings, the Garden Lounge is an excellent space for reflecting, socialising and creating connections.

The extension was designed to achieve the highest environmental performance possible, and whilst being a modern addition, it chimes with the heritage of the Georgian Grade II listed building.

National Widowers’ Organization Announces ‟Widower to Widower” Program

In the United States 415,000 men are widowed annually. They and their families face many challenges resulting from the profoundly life changing impact of the death of a wife or partner. For widowers seeking help through men’s support groups there are extremely limited options.

Most widowers who meet others that also lost their wife can attest to the power of this shared connection. It is often another widower who can recommend a book, connect someone to a support group, suggest a resource, or simply provide reassurance. As was cited in the New York Times article by Perry Garfinkel, July 25, 2011 , Men in Grief Seek Others Who Mourn as They Do “Sometimes that’s all a man wants or needs – a sympathetic ear.”

Recognizing a need to help widowers who cannot find or access a men’s support group the National Widowers’ Organization is launch­ing a peer-to-peer service for sharing experiences. The program, which is not intended to be therapy, relies on volunteer widowers who are available to contact a widower by telephone, listen with compassion, offer reassurance that surviving the death of a wife is possible, recommend helpful things to do that ease the adjustment to a new life, and provide information about resources that might be available.

Widowers can take advantage of this free program by contacting the National Widowers’ Organization through their website.

The National Widowers’ Organization

Every person's grief process is unique, but studies have shown that men suffer many feelings which would appear special to their gender.

With insight and compassion, The National Widowers' Organization was founded by a group of widowers who found solutions in their grief through a men’s support group. The satisfaction from this process led to the creation of a site and a national advocacy for programs that support men in bereavement. They are not organized outside of America yet but hopefully in the future this will happen. Meanwhile if you are a bereaved man, then go to this website for information and explanations that will help you now and toward hope in your future.

Sam Feldman, founder of the National Widowers' Organization was recently interviewed by Dr. Zoë A. Lewis, MD on Hope Through Knowledge, Talk Radio for Caregivers. Dr. Lewis explored the background behind Sam Feldman's efforts to help widowers and discussed ways to help them and their families. You can listen to the interview here on the NWO website

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