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A Life at Work Career Retreat

This unique retreat offers the opportunity take time out to think more deeply about your work, career and purpose in life.  It offers a carefully crafted, thoughtful and challenging weekend where you can discover your true passions and clear the blocks that are getting in the way of you having satisfying and fulfilling work. Since we spend a great deal of our life working, this has a profound effect on our happiness and health, not to say our relationships including the one with our true self. The retreat keeps the groups small and intimate so that there is plenty of time for everyone to participate in a supportive and relaxed environment. Two facilitators run the retreats which include a mixture of group discussions and activities to stimulate insights and ideas. There is no pressure for you to do anything you don’t want to do.  You go at your own pace.

The retreat consists of six workshops over 4 days;

Day 1 Reflecting on your work so far

Workshop 1 - Understanding where we have come from to help us decide where we want to get to. This workshop will help you to understand what made the highs and the lows in your career so far and to start seeing patterns that you may not have noticed before.

Day 2 Getting to know yourself better

Workshop 2 - Becoming proud of all the skills, talents and gifts you have. Different self-assessment tools are used including some psychometrics and other activities during this workshop.

Workshop 3 - Continue with the work of self exploration, but with a focus on your passions, motivations and values. This can be an enlightening experience.

Day 3 Breaking through the barriers

Workshop 4 - Discover what is getting in the way of you having fulfilling and rewarding work. You may be surprised at how many of the barriers are due to self-limiting beliefs.

Workshop 5 - Clearing the blocks to let go of the all the things that have been getting in your way. This can be a powerful and cathartic session.

Day 4 Making plans for the future

Workshop 6 - You will make plans and commitments to work towards your new life, and establish what support you are going to need to make it happen.


Included in the retreat are the following:

A pack of exclusive Career Coaching Cards

All activities and materials

A private coaching session with a facilitator during your stay

A telephone coaching session after you return home to keep you on track




Opening details: 

Everyone is welcome. Check the website for dates and venues in the UK


Accommodation is single occupancy and en suite.

Spiritual help: 

None directly as such but a supporting telephone coaching session after you return home to keep you on track is included. The special Career Coaching Cards, which you receive as part of the retreat, will also  help you later.



Guests admitted to: 

Mostly everywhere, depending on the particular venue. 

Maximum stay: 

Fours days and three night’s accommodation.