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Abbaye Notre Dame de Belloc

Benedictine monks. Receives men, married couples, small groups of men for day retreats and retreat stays up to 1 week in an isolated monastery in one of the loveliest parts of France with mountains and valleys lush with wildflowers and trees. Sheep abound, as do tiny villages where life seems to continue much as it has for centuries in spite of everything. It is possible here to imagine that indeed all is well with the world. This has not always been so – the abbot and his prior were sent to Buchrenwald and to Dachau concentration camps during the Second World War because of the help given to refugees and resistant fighters. Afterward the war, the Abbey Community was awarded the honour of the Cross of War.

Today the Abbey continues to offer hospitality to all in accordance with the Rule of Saint Benedict that all guests should be received as if Christ himself. There are 18 singles, 10 doubles, 4 dormitories, guest lounges, library, personal talks possible, chapel choir. Conferences possible. Programme of activities sometimes available – ask for brochure. The monks are attentive to the needs of busy modern people who are looking for a time and situation in which to find peace and silence for seeking the spiritual.

Also there are Benedictine sisters nearby at the Monastère Sainte-Scholastique, 64240 Urt, Tel: +33 5 59 70 20 28 so write them for details of their hospitality.