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Abbaye Notre Dame du Bec

This is a grand monastery of the Benedictine Olivetan Order in France. Set in green pastures and near to the Channel ports, Le Bec is open to all. Men stay with the monks individually or in groups and take meals in the refectory. There are about 30 rooms available in two areas – one is inside the monastery for guests who wish to join the Community in their silence and prayer while the other accommodation is outside and reserved for groups and young people on retreat and for study and various courses. The Divine Office is sung in Gregorian chant and in French.

Women guests stay in the nearby convent, Monastère Sainte-Francoise-Romaine (Tel: +33 2 32 44 81 18; Fax: +33 2 32 45 90 53) and may join the religious services such as Vespers and Mass in the abbey, which is only 2 km away.

If you think you would like to go on retreat in France and want something not too far from home, then these two Communities will warmly welcome you and you will find peace and sanctuary here. For either the abbey or the convent, write and ask what their charges will be and, for the convent, what accommodation is available when you want to stay. Car is easy and train is possible on the Paris Saint-Lazare/Évreaux line, stopping at Bec-Hellouin.